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Back in 2014, I watched Jimmy Fallon playing a game called ‘Word Sneak’ with Russell Brand on the Tonight Show. On the show, they receive a number of words which must be used in a flowing conversation. Instead of guessing the words, they simply move on once each word has been incorporated into the story. The game is incredibly funny to watch, and as a small warning, don’t ever play it against Russell Brand if you’re hoping to win.

For the next couple years we watched Jimmy play against other guests such as Ricky Gervais, Melissa McCarthy, Sarah Silverman, Martin Short and Bryan Cranston. Each time, it made for very funny viewing, and all the while thinking it would make a fantastic game to play with friends.

Over time, we developed a card game inspired by the show. We played it with friends and family, evolving it along the way. Guessing the word is what really makes the game fun, so after every story, the game stops and everyone gets to guess the word being hidden. We added a point scoring system to make it competitive, and came up with a ‘Super Word’, the toughest word on each card that is either very difficult, or embarrassing, to hide, such as words like ‘erection’ or ‘flatulence’.

It took over a year to refine the 1,200 words chosen for the game. We went through endless iterations, removing words that made for boring stories, and adding those that encourage funny, random and interesting ones. The intention was to challenge your creativity, storytelling, and all round sneakiness, rather than your vocabulary.

Due to the game containing a lot of adult words, which make it very funny, we suggest the game be played by people aged 16 and over. However, it’s a great game for younger children as it helps them develop their storytelling skills, vocabulary, strategy, and confidence. We’ve played with kids of different ages and have found that kids from about the age of 8 and up get the most value from it. We’re currently working on a family version of the game which includes words specifically chosen for the younger generation.

We hope you enjoy playing Hide & Speak, and would love to hear your feedback on the game. You can email us at support@archeris.com to share your thoughts.

Calan and Kate

What is Hide & Speak?

Pit your storytelling and creativity against your friends and family to find out who's the sneakiest storyteller of them all. It's engaging, challenging and guaranteed laughter.

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